— Allison Davis

What is it like to travel with Pravassa?

What is Pravassa's Wellness Philosophy?

When used as the foundation for creation, these five areas create a balanced travel experience. 

Pravassa was created as a passion project for stressed out, digitally dependent, sleep deprived people who need an easy, one-stop travel company to book their balanced vacations enabling them to create space, break habits, and renew their self-care.

On the forefront of the wellness travel movement, Pravassa offers complete travel experiences created to address whole body well-being. Considering every aspect of your journey: from location and accommodations to food and exercise to cultural immersions and exclusive expereinces, Pravassa’s mission is to help people find their path to wellness. By living a more conscious, aware, and healthy lifestyle both at home and on the road, you’ll notice positive life-changing effects. 


What makes Pravassa's Travel concept Different?

Close to our heart, mind, body, and soul, our company wellness principles lay the foundation upon which every Pravassa tour is built.  No matter where in the world we take you, expect these principles to shine through on each of our wellness travel journeys.  

1) Unique Boutique Accommodations - Scouting and vetting hotels is a hallmark of Pravassa’s customer service. We specialize in forming relationships with locally run properties that shine a light on the best of hospitality. Typical Western amenities may not be available, but their heart & charm make for an authentic experience. 

2) Locally Sourced Food - The best way to learn about a culture is to trace its history through food. Local recipes can tell stories across time and geography. Our wellness food philosophy: eat locally sourced food, mostly vegetables, renews our commitment to sustainability and opens a world for you to nourish your body in the best way possible. 

3) Exclusive Experiences - All Pravassa journey's give you access to expert educators and exclusive travel experiences. We craft relationships that offer insider access to cultural festivals, local's homes, and onsite offerings created just for Pravassa's guests.

4) Stress-Free Travel - By expertly handling every detail of your trip, Pravassa puts you on a path to wellness and a stress-free vacation. From our exclusive travel guides and pre-departure consultations to VIP customs clearance and on-site transportation, you'll never have to sweat the small stuff with us.  

5) Time for Self-Care - In our over scheduled, constantly connected world, self-care often goes by the wayside. Pravassa gives you permission and the time to stop, recharge, and bring joy into your life.

6) Wellness Support, Pre, During, & Post Journey - From jet-lag hacks to advice on how to stay healthy while traveling, Pravassa is here to guide and support your journey from the time you register to after you return home. Joining our connected community enhances your entire vacation experience. 


Who Travels with Pravassa?

Pravassa travelers vary in age, profession, and socio-economic status. The thread that connects us all is a sense of adventure, an interest in cultural invitations not extended to the typical traveler, and the opportunity to share meaningful exchanges with others around the world. Whether you are a solo traveler, friends, a couple, mom and daughter, are looking for a get-away or to celebrate a big life event, Pravassa offers a variety of wellness itineraries that facilitate balance and provide life-changing experiences. 


What can I expect when Joining a Group?

A Pravassa travel experience is more than just a vacation. We plan a stress-free vacation, which restores your best self.  Whether your are traveling solo, with a friend, or a partners, we ensure you'll have a #changedbytravel experience. Here how:

  • We will limit this group size to a maximum of 20 travelers in order to create a harmonious tribe. 
  • We personally research and scout our itineraries ensuring they are properly vetted for wellness travel.
  • We craft each tour to have a balance between cultural excursions, physical activities, and down time to explore on your own.
  • We never drop you off at a must-see sight in a cattle call. Instead we partner with expert guides who invite you to be immersed in the culture and have an authentic and often exclusive experience. 
  • We eschew large tour buses and instead use vans that seat three-across.
  • We understand the importance of diet & nutrition and work with all our travelers to accommodate their needs.
  • We connect you to our like-minded community made up of solo travelers, couples, friends, and families, all over 18 years of age.
  • We create a Pre-Departure Package, which includes an exclusive travel guide, wellness tips and travel hacks, a wellness consultation, and access to our team who will answer all your questions. 
  • We make sure you are greeted at the airport with a friendly face to whisk you to our first location.
  • We welcome the group in an opening wellness session, which we release the stress of traveling and discusses our upcoming itinerary.


Does Pravassa offer private travel planning?

Yes, our customWELL program let's you design a wellness itinerary of your dreams. To get started, you can read more about this program and complete the questionnaire by clicking here


What is included in the vacations?

Our itineraries differ in location and theme, but you will always find accommodations, many meals, in-country transfers (land, train, and flights), wellness activities, cultural tours, and taxes. Service fees and gratuities are included when traveling in a group. Pravassa creates a tailored pre-departure package for each vacation whether for a group or a private trip. 


What is additional?

Unless specifically stated in the itinerary, the following are not included in Pravassa’s wellness travel packages: airfare to the start destination, alcohol, car rentals, meals not on the itinerary, spa treatments, any tours coordinate on-site, and expenses of a personal nature. If travel insurance or a yoga/fitness mat is not included in your package, we may require you to purchase them.


Where does Pravassa travel?

See our list of destinations here.